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Culture Tourism at Tana Toraja, East Sulawesi, Indonesia

Culture Tourism to Tana Toraja, East Sulawesi Culture tourism is one of way to preserve the culture of country. One of place in Indonesia that still hold tight to their culture is Tana Toraja in East Sulawesi. Mostly the population here are christian, and the rest are Katolik, Silam, and Aluk To dolo. Aluk To dolo is animism believer that follow by the people of Tana Toraja.

To achieve this place you can go by land transportation from Makassar about 8 hours. But if you want to go there faster, you can go by airplane from Hassanudin Airport is about 45 minute. 

There many culture value that you can learn from Tana Toraja. For example you can see the cemetery wall Lemo, Londa and Tampang Allo. Inside this wall you can see many coffins and human bones. You may permited to see that cemetery from close but don't try to take the bones, or anything on that place. For the child funeral, you can see it at Sangala. The people there beleive that childs or baby that been died must be buried inside the trunk of the tree. Another culture that you can find at Toraja is the uniqu woven fabric. If you want to have it some, you can come to Pallawa, here is the center of woven fabric at Tana Toraja. You can also see the traditional house of Tongkonan there.

The next transit is Batu Tumonga, here you can find many green and beauty paddy field and also the megalithic stones. Tana Toraja communities still maintain their culture very well, and therefore the ceremony is often done in this place. Among the ceremony are Rambu solo funeral, marriage ceremony Rambu Tuka, and the opening ceremony of Mangrara Tongkonan House. Rambu solo is verybig ceremony for honor the dead one. Excitement will be more pronounced if the dead came from royal family. This ceremony must be done for families who have died as a final tribute. There are many procession in this ceremony, one of which is the slaughter of the buffalo and pigs. The number and size of animals slaughtered reflects the ability of the family whom have a celebration.

While Rambu Tuka for the Toraja people mean celebration the happiness. This ceremony can be do when there is marriage, harvest, or the opening of new house. Mangarara Tongkonan is part of Rambu Tuka ceremony, but this special for celebrating the new house of Toraja people. Not only for new homes but also renovated house will be made of the same ceremony. Usually the community doing renovations on their house on the roof, while the walls are replaced every 100 years. Cultural attractions such as these are highly preferred by travelers. So many visitors who come to Tana Toraja just to get closer to the culture of Indonesia.

One of the icons of the Tana Toraja so widely known is home Tongkonan. As well as traditional homes in other provinces in Indonesia, Tongkonan house has its own characteristics. The building and the roof is made of bamboo that arranged neatly. But along with the changing times, there are a few houses whose roof is made ​​of zinc. But this house has a distinctive roof shape, sort of like a boat. Well, after satisfied visited attractions of Tana Toraja, do not forget to visit the Rantepao market. Here you can buy all kinds of souvenirs to take home, such as clothes, purses, accessories, handicrafts, etc.. Toraja coffee has a distinctive flavor, you can get it on the market Bolu. Some typical Toraja foods that you can take home is Jipang, passionfruit Toraja, co'ri, and tori.

Well, it's a little information about attractions Tana Toraja. There are still many things that could be discussed from this place. Happy visit

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