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Maldives Island (Paradise Behind The World)

Maldives or Maldives, is an island nation located around the area of ​​the Indian Ocean. The nation's capital is called Male, which is actually an ancient city with a pretty dominant color of Islam, beside also seen that the Hindu culture, Buddhism and Islam developed coloring the history of this coral island.

Maldives in International known as the Maldives Island, has natural attractions that are well known in the world, which is a beautiful coastal beaches stretching across 26 coral islands located in southern India. Even this island country occupy the ranks of the most famous tourist beach attractions in the world's.

How to Go Maldives Island or Maldives
If you want to vacation in this country, your firstly must browsing looking for plane tickets to Male, the capital of the Republic of Maldives. If you want to save money, keep browsing Air Asia who often hold cheap tickets promo. The easiest transportation there is by planes.

Maldives Airport is one of the unique airport in the world, which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean left-right-front-back and in addition of course also offers a very unique view of the interesting and beautiful islands of the Maldives. Bandar Male or Ibrahim Nasir International Airport that located on the island of Hulhule, where the island is one of the twenty-six atolls of Maldives' nearest to the capital island of Male.

Beautiful Beach Tourism In Maldives

The beauty of Maldives Island beaches scattered on the coral islands. Among the famous coral island are: Male, Hinnavaru, Addu City, Kulhudhuffushi, and Fuvahmulah. We can enjoy the natural scenery of the coast with luxury resort services. The bustle and noise of vehicles virtually nothing here. And what you hear is the sound of the waves that fascinating minds.

Besides the beauty of the white sandy beaches of the Maldives, you also get to watch the sun rise and sun set. If you love photography then a wonderful variety lies ahead of you. If you love diving, the ocean waters like Maldives also save the beauty of the sea.

Global warming threat to the Maldives.

Area of ​​Maldivian island itself is about 300 square kilometers, while 80% of Maldives Island is a coral island with a height of 1.5 meters and the average highest plateau just 4 meters above sea level. So how dominant marine climate on tourist spots here.

Actually Elevation of tourism place in South Asia which is just that much cause concern distinct for the Maldives Island tourism developers. Because of these, islands could be lost in the event of an increase in sea levels due to global warming. Especially when there is a tsunami. While Aceh tsunami, Maldives Island tourist area did not escape from the wrath of nature angry. Although images of sea level rise threats haunt, but this should not discourage travelers the world to visit one of the most beautiful in the world. Many world artists, public figures, and the general public that makes this island a favorite tourist spot for a vacation.


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